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Simplified - The Acoustified Trio

Simplified - The Acoustified Trio

Simplified - The Acoustified Trio

Simplified’s signature sound is a contagious fusion of rock and reggae, attracting a diverse audience and embracing every kind of fan, from all walks of life. Sheridan emphasizes, "We're a rock band with elements of reggae, funk, and acoustic roots. We don't limit ourselves musically and it shows in the songs we write."

Conjuring up the island rock roots, Clee expresses, "Our live shows are all about having fun. Each performance will bring you to the beach and right back home.” A decade later, Simplified continues to evolve and attract new audiences through their crowd pleasing, relatable songs and ongoing support from their loyal fans. Starting out as two musicians with a dream, to one of the industry’s top emerging rock bands, makes Simplified a true tour de force. There’s nothing simple about that.


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