Todd Carey

Todd Carey just wants you to feel good. The Charleston (by way of Chicago) songsmith has dedicated his life to music, and has more than a few accolades to show for it. Maybe you first danced to his viral Billboard hit “Nintendo,” or caught him performing alongside Jason Mraz, The 1975. Or perhaps you’ve encountered him as mainstay on Train’s “Sail Across The Sun” cruise.
Now, he’s taking a lifetime worth of experiences and putting them into the album of his career, Feel Good
The record boasts singles with household names like Sara Bareilles, Jake Miller and Shwayze, though, you’d have a hard time distinguishing the singles from the album cuts. The album’s undeniably catchy tracklist earned it a top spot on the iTunes Pre-order Chart (even in the age of streaming), as well as placements on Spotify and beyond. 
There's something refreshing about Feel Good; a care-free grace that makes it feel good to listen to….but see for yourself.
Keep an ear out for the all new Todd Carey & All His Friends project (feat. Chuck Leavell, Shwayze, and more), coming Q1 2022.